Friday, October 15, 2010

What is a foodie?


You know, I often refer to myself as a foodie.  And the dictionary kind of supports that:

n. Slang
A person who has an ardent or refined interest in food; a gourmet: "in the culinary fast lane, where surprises are expected and foodies beg to be thrilled" (Boston Globe).

But I’m not that adventurous.  My Irish heritage basically deemed Italian food exotic.

Wednesday night we went for Indian food.   Prior to this my foray to this type of cuisine was a Tandoori Chicken at Cosi.

So…you know.

We went to Chand Palace and started with an appetizer plate.  I think it had at least some of the following.

Vegetable Cutlet
Spicy deep-fried minced vegetable patties, served with chutney

Vegetable Samosa
Crispy turnover, delicious filled with mildly spiced potatoes and green peas

Assorted Pakora
Fresh vegetable dipped in a special spiced batter and fried to golden perfection, served with chutney

iphone 062

iphone 064I already knew I liked Naan. :) 

iphone 065Dave had…

Sabzi Vindaloo (Hot & Spicy) Mixed vegetables cooked with spices in a tangy, sharp sauce

 iphone 066 And I had Chana Masala.  iphone 067 


The verdict?   I really liked it.  It was spicy but not too too spicy.  I felt full but not stuffed and it all seemed much less scary (this is a weird way to say it but really – I’m intimidated by food I’ve never tasted before).

I’m glad I pushed my boundries a little and think trying new things might give me a little more foodie street cred.

Like foodies are a tough group to begin with. ;)


  1. So what's the difference between a foodie and a gourmet (ans: about 20 years :-) )

  2. Yum. Indian food is by far my favorite type of food. The spices seem to all perfectly meld together time and time again. Yum. I'm hungry!!! Oh yeah - and I agree with Dave - you MUST try Korean BBQ - it is insanely good.

  3. I've been gone a long time but have now caught up. I'm sorry to read about your dad; I'm told by people who know that losing a parent alters your worldview for...ever, pretty much. Give yourself a break whenever you need it.

    I'm glad that things are good with Dave. :) My take on quiche is that it's a perfectly lovely thing for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. (Now that I have celiac disease, I'd have a crustless egg pie.) But if Dave feels better about eating/making "Dave's Savory Egg Pie," I'd just let him. ;) A quiche by any other name...

  4. This is just me, but if you are not going to keep up with posting all of the exciting culinary adventures we have been having I may just have to insist on us eating in until you have caught up.

    Russian Team Room??
    NY Food Fest????
    Walking on the High Line?? (and the really bad soda)
    The Helicopter Hotel???
    Maddies party???

    Just saying here.

    Dave's Savory Egg Pie... (its no Chicken WTS) I like it

  5. You are such a taskmaster. I'm working on it!!!!

    And we're eating in tonight aren't we? ;)

  6. Yawn no post,

    ftr the Quinoa was good.