Thursday, October 28, 2010

On being an Event Planner

I found my calling during college.  While touring the campus for orientation I went to meet people in this ‘office’.  There was a disco ball hanging from the ceiling, a giant inflatable Godzilla and movie posters covering the walls.  They talked about hosting bands and lectures and Comedy Nights.  They talked about a carnival called Spring Fling held on the baseball field.

I knew I had found my people.

I started as the Advertising Assistant, using large rolls paper and paints with foam brushes.  I put flyers on the windshields of cars in the parking lot.  I dressed up as Debbie Gibson for the Halloween Mixer, drank the equivalent of a six pack of beer (something I have no desire or need to do since) and smacked my head on the towel dispenser in the ladies room.

I graduated to the Advertising Chair, then the Treasurer and finally the Chairman I mean…woman...person.  And then I went off into the real world where events are more like meetings but still seemed like fun.

There are things I really love about my chosen profession.  I love the organization of it – that things have a beginning, middle and an end.   When an event or meeting is over I move on to something new.   I can see the finished product right in front of my eyes, happening in real time.  It’s not some leather bound presentation or balance sheet.  It’s living and breathing and I love it.

I traveled some great places because of work, to places like Argentina and Costa Rica, Lisbon and Hawaii.   I helped plan a party for 300 kids with a Willy Wonka theme.   I planned almost 80 proms in the span of two months.

I love things like place settings and linens, draping and lighting.  I notice details like font on a menu or how many bartenders you should really have for a party with 200 people. 

I am a nightmare wedding guest.

Right now I’m doing a lot of Virtual Meetings – and though lighting and draping still come into play it’s much more administrative and not nearly as exciting or creative.  I still wish I could plan things for someplace like The Food Network but I know the headaches that come with that. 

My end goal is to run a tiny catering company – where I do things like kid’s parties and baby and bridal showers.  I’ll use cookies and cupcakes as favors and specialize in showers at people’s homes. 

I’ll still dream of planning the Governor’s Ball at the Oscars but I’ll live. :)

Yesterday I spent the day in Event Planner heaven – better known as BizBash

bb 002    

I was surrounded by place settings and unique venues and Lady Gaga.


bb 006

You would think a Lady Gaga impersonator would be the weirdest thing you’d see.  But you’d be wrong.   There was this guy…

bb 017

And a walking table….

bb 013

A candelabra on stilts…bb 074

A butterfly blowing bubbles…

bb 032

And a woman playing a violin in one.

bb 049

I don’t know who would ever want this but there you go. :)

Here are some yummy bites and pretty pictures from the conference.

bb 047 bb 031 bb 033 bb 036 bb 037  bb 046This might be the best cupcake I ever had.  It tasted like a big ol’ Oreobb 045

bb 040

bb 019

Some fun stuff…

bb 076 bb 005 bb 014 bb 038

Pretty furniture for rent and some fantastic table settings…

bb 072 bb 015 bb 021 bb 053 bb 054 bb 055This is all made out of candy especially M& 057 bb 056   bb 062CREEEPY… 060 bb 063bb 066 bb 064 bb 065  bb 068 bb 071

Makes you want to go to a party right???  Me too but guess what?   The planner never has as good a time as any of the guests. :)

I’m about to go get on a bus and party at trivia. 

See you in a bit!


  1. How much fun is all of that?!?!

    When and if you decide to get married, will it be a nightmare for you or a lot of fun to plan?

  2. It's pretty fun.

    Honestly? It would not be a nightmare. I have lots of ideas and also the knowledge that nothing ever goes as planned. I have never in my life planned a 100% perfect event. I've come pretty close - but I'm really good at contingency plans.

    Planning a wedding for someone other than me? That's the nightmare. :)