Tuesday, February 1, 2011

C is for….

Chorus.  I am going back tonight.  The horrific dress I have to wear will not look good if I keep eating like it’s going out of style.   I know.  I just tried it on.  I couldn’t complete the zip up process without outside assistance.

It would be better if I lost 5 lbs.  Better still if I lost 10.  Awesome if I lost 20.

I’m going for something between 5-10.  I have 2 months before our first performance (at Avery Fisher Hall – I’m EXCITED).  Cross your fingers ladies and gents that I can get it done.

It’s integral to my mental health as well.  I’m feeling very sloth like.  I’m full of good intentions – not quite there with the follow up.

C is also for – Chicken.

We are going to have snacks at chorus tonight – as we traditionally do on the first day back.  So I did what I used to do back in the day. 

You know.  Those days where I weighed 25 lbs less than I do now.

So I made myself a sammich.  Just half like I used to eat in the olden days.

ss 105 C is for – Confessions.

I bake for the first day of chorus – again - traditionally.  Everyone raves about the things I make – be it brownies or pound cake (I usually take things that are easy to transport).    Today C is also for cookies – which I baked.

Sugar cookies.ss 103 With royal icing.ss 104And colored sprinkles.ss 102And Betty Crocker.ss 107

I feel so much better now that I’ve come clean.

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