Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What I ate – A Photo Essay

I originally named this post “Weight Loss Sabotage” but that didn’t seem fair – considering my whole food philosophy is to eat what you want – but in moderation.

It’s just that moderation and me – we don’t seem to be communicating lately.

I’m not sure how to get my healthy mindset back.  I know that I feel better when I exercise – that I feel better when I eat better.  i know that I won’t have to deprive myself entirely if I just…basically…MOVE.


Tomorrow I am facing the music.  I don’t want to see the number I know I’ll see on the scale at M’s tomorrow but I’m going to go anyway.  I’m crossing my fingers that the worst of the winter weather is behind us and that I can actually do more exercise outside than inside.   I’m putting away my Metrocard and walking more.  First up – a walk to chorus tonight.

I’m renewing my gym membership next week and trying Zumba in NJ. 

But first I’m going to go back to Ben. :)

And that’s that.  I have an ugly dress I need to fit into.  I don’t want to have to alter it – and I don’t have time or want to spend money on a new one.

With all that said….look what I made for the Super Bowl.   It was fun to make all this food for a “crowd”.  Dave and the kids seemed to really enjoy it – which makes me happy.

Sidenote – I feel like I’m doing everything half assed these days – as these photos will show.  I need to start taking better – and more complete – pictures.   I tried to fix them with Photoshop but…it’s not really working.

Probably because the shutter is broken on my point and shoot and I muss up the lens with smudges from my fingers anytime I try to take a picture.  Could be the biggest problem of all.  What’s the point of showing you half of what I’ve done???  It’s like me showing you an empty plate and telling you how good whatever I ate was.

Blue Corn Nachos.  This recipe is simple.  Brown 1 package ground turkey with an onion and a drizzle of olive oil.  Add 1 package of taco seasoning – I used a low sodium version.  Add 1 can of black beans – rinsed and drained. 


ss 139_edited-1

Top with shredded extra sharp cheddar and throw into the oven (at about 375) until cheese is melted.  Garnish with chopped scallions.  ss 147_edited-2_1024Serve with sour cream, salsa and….Jen’s guacamole.ss 142_edited-1 Everyone loves hot pretzels.  I served these with yellow or honey mustard.  I wimped out and did the frozen version.ss 144_edited-1 

Mora helped to set the “table”.ss 152_edited-2_1024 I made Giada’s Balsamic Wings….ss 154_edited-2_1024 And Baked Buffalo Wings.  These could have stayed in the oven for 5 more minutes I think.ss 155_edited-2_1024 

And chocolate chip cookies for dessert – Toll House recipe – with double the brown sugar as Dave was out of white.ss 137_edited-1 

And then I fell asleep during the game and Dave had to tell me who won.

The end.

Moment of truth tomorrow people.  I hope I’m ready to finally make a change.  I hope a nice long walk today will help get me motivated.

There’s bread in the oven (will be making a sandwich to take with me for dinner).  It smells divine in here.  Lunch tomorrow will be tuna on homemade bread.

I’m really looking forward to it!


  1. It really steams me when people eat and then fall asleep......

  2. btw I am slightly miffed as many of those photos are mine! I would say that my "mise en scene" was excellent!

  3. There there. Your pictures are fine. I just mean that if I'm going to talk about making something I should be better about showing all the steps and such.