Monday, February 21, 2011

Diametrically Opposed

I am a complete contradiction.

I am pleased to report that since Thursday I ate more salads, did more walking, did actual intentional exercise.   I walked for 2 miles at my mom’s on Saturday and then did 5 miles on the bike on Sunday.

ss 241Friday Jen made yummy pizza and I ate 2 small slices plus some sauce on the 242After my walk I got some mini bagels.  They reminded me of my dad.  He used to go out to get these for me all the 245 Then I ate on Saturday night I ate 1/3 of this eggplant rollatini (I made the mistake of bringing the leftovers to Dave’s and left them as free game in the fridge)ss 243 And shared this brownie 244 

Hopefully it’ll all even out.

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