Friday, February 11, 2011

Knife & Fork Breakfast Sandwich

Today I am taking a bit of a half day.  I have to meet Carrie to give her her invites (almost done!) so I figured I would knock off early.

I think it might do wonders for my disposition.

I realized why I’ve been hibernating for the past two weeks.  It’s so cold and all the pants I have to wear to work need the hems fixed.

Note to self:  Take them to the tailor on Monday.   You might as well get them dry cleaned too.

Anyway – because I know I won’t be tied to the computer till 5 it feels a little like the weekend is here already.  And weekends for me mean eggs for breakfast.

This won’t take long to make if you have a few key ingredients on hand.  What makes this sandwich great however are the ingredients I used.

At least I think so.

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Above you will find what’s left of my loaf of No-Knead bread, what’s left of my Roasted Garlic and Onion Jam, some baby spinach and the best cheddar cheese ever created.

All you need to add is a slice of bacon and an egg.  Cook the egg sunny side up.  The runnier – the better.

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For those of you cooking for one or two – or who are watching your weight – let me tell you about bacon.  Dave just bought some turkey bacon and it looked like that fake bacon you buy for kids to play with in their toy kitchen.  And it didn’t have that smoky taste.  Suffice it to say when we went to Costco I helped him purchase 4 packages of the real thing.

It’s only because I care.  :)

I use bacon sparingly.  When I get a package I take it apart, wrap it in wax paper (sort of accordion style – one piece, fold, another piece, fold) so that they don’t stick together and I can take out a slice at a time.   I wrap the final result in foil and freeze.

1-2 minutes in the microwave and the bacon is done.

Warn the bread (it’s hard to fit this bread in the toaster so I put it in the frying pan before I made the egg for a few moments).  Spread with the jam.  Layer on the cheddar and the bacon.  Cover with the egg and garnish with spinach. 

When you assemble the items I have mentioned you have a delicious combination so special you need to savor every bite.  So sit down like a grown up, put a napkin on your lap and take a knife and fork to this bad boy.

 ss 190 

If you really feel the need have some skim hot chocolate to wash it down.

ss 181


  1. Uhm - HELLO! That looks SO delicious! I just might have to copy you on that. I am planning on making some bread this weekend, so it will be perfect!

  2. It takes a brave woman to mess with a man's breakfast meat of choice.

  3. I am totally with you. weekend = eggs. i'm glad we see eye to eye on this. there's something just really calming about having a cup of coffee, eggs, toast and some really yummy jam on a saturday or sunday afternoon. i'm all for it. thanks for posting this, i cant wait for breakfast/brunch tomorrow!