Friday, February 18, 2011

Heat Wave

Let the record show it is super warm here in NYC today.  Also we won at trivia last night despite the fact that my team did not acknowledge that I knew coconuts have water, California has the most National Parks, that Backdraft came before A Bronx Tale and that Candice Bergen was the first female host of Saturday Night Live.

Still…despite that…my losing streak appears to be over.  :)

Dave and I have decided though we’re not eating there anymore.  There’s nothing good.  (Except the pretzels.  I stand firm that the pretzels are worth it.)   The burgers aren’t even all that spectacular.

It was very cute last night.  Dave started walking uptown from his office.  I started walking downtown from mine.  We met on W 4th Street and made our way to the PATH train.

My gaining streak might be over too.  Despite less than a stellar week I went to see M today (another thing I avoid when I don’t want to face the scale) and I maintained.  Given the butternut squash puree alone from Monday that’s a big deal.

I don’t have much else to report.  I’m headed to LI tomorrow to spend the day with 2 different sets of friends.   

I ate a Vitatop for beakfast and had a grown up version of chicken fingers and fries for lunch.


ss 240

I was saying to M today that at least I’m THINKING about what I’m doing these days.  I’ve gotten used to simply not thinking for a lot of months and it’s obviously taken it’s toll.

So here’s to thinking more about what I eat for the next week – and to moving just a little bit more.  Downward movement on the scale the next time I weigh in would be a lovely lovely thing.

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