Thursday, February 17, 2011


Things that have happened since I last spoke to you:

1) I did week 5 day 3 of the C25K AND I walked 3 miles.

2) I ate shrimp with pasta for lunch.

ss 226

3) I waited for my boyfriend to pick me up from the bus stop.  By bus stop I mean I walked from the bus stop to Applebee’s and sat and read for 10 minutes before he got there and drank Diet Coke while I had 2 glasses of Pinot Grigio.  I started to tell him a story about something and went on a tangent.

4) I ate an entirely different kind of shrimp and pasta for dinner.

ss 239

5) I fell fast asleep on the couch before the opening credits for Restaurant: Impossible ended, was guided up to bed and did not move an inch till 6 am.

6) I finally finished the story on the train into work this morning.

It’s a rough job dating me – or maybe just having a conversation with me.  Either or.

A while back I got a pack of goodies from MyBlogSpark.  It contained a box of Multigrain Cheerios.*


mg_cheerios_web *That link brings you to the page that has a Biggest Loser tie in.   More on that in a bit.

                                                ss 238  ss 237 

I used the containers yesterday.  The water in my bottle looks pink because it was flavored with some Crystal Light.  And yes.  That is a Jim Halpert bobblehead in the background.  He and Pam hang out with Dwight all day.   :) 

I tried these once before and went back to regular old O’s but I’m finding that I really like the bit of sweetness these have this time around. I like my cereal sweet - but not too sweet. Back in the day I was a Frosted Flake fiend but something with sugar hidden in the title can't be all that good for you. Even if it tastes grrrrrrrrrreat! 

Ahem. Anyway - inside the Cheerios box there’s a code to enter to access some tools to help you if you are in a weight loss situation (like I am currently).  You can get your BMI, some workout hints and a 7 day meal plan.

I’m working on eating these for breakfast for the next week – which is not exactly the plan – they give you many more choices – but Cheerios have long been my breakfast of choice on weigh in days.  They make me feel lighter somehow.

It’s mostly in my head – I know – but whatever works right???   I figure it can’t hurt!

Soooo - if you’d like your own box, bag and handy dandy containers just comment here before midnight (ET) on Saturday.  Winner will be announced on Monday!!

Woo hoo!!

Tonight I’m headed back to NJ.  It’s supposed to warm up considerably so I’m thinking of walking to the World Trade Center to meet Dave after work.  We may – or may not – head to trivia tonight.

I weigh in again tomorrow.  Wish me luck.  My Valentine’s meal and penchant for Pinot Grigio might get the better of me.


  1. It is not "rough" in the slightest dating you.

    Applebees again, are you getting a residual for them or sumpin?

  2. Aww thanks. Same here mister.

    And no. I'm just happy they serve Cavit there. :)

    PS: Sorry but you are not allowed to win the Cheerios giveaway. :)

  3. uh oh Cheerios!!

    the chose of many and have been around for so long! Enjoyed by all ages - the youngsters just getting their teeth, the teenagers as an after a night at the bar snack, adults trying to lose weight and the elders who are losing their teeth!

    Cheerios through the years....
    "The Big G stands for Goodness" (1962)
    "Go with the Goodness of Cheerios" (1964)
    "Nutrition: Thats the Cheerios Tradition" (1971)
    "Oats, the Grain Highest in Protein" (1971)
    "Toasted Whole Grain Oat Cereal" (Current)


  4. Cheerios! I prefer the Honey Nut kind. :)

    I laughed when I saw your Jim bobblehead in the picture and then I laughed again when you went ahead and mentioned it.

    Pinot Grigio is not a food group. We discussed this. :D Ahh, what the hey. It's Friday.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  5. I am soooooooo mad! I missed my opportunity to get the H20 bottle : ( ~ Will still post something. Great stuff above. Um lets see.........what else can I say....I do luv cheerios...especially the chocolate ones. Ciao Bella! Di