Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Football is not really my thing.  My dad was a Giants fan and I halfheartedly watched them through the years.  I used to work in a bar/restaurant and participated in a football pool or two. With Dave having gone to Penn State I have watched more football in the past year than I have in my lifetime I think.

And he doesn’t even watch that much football.

He, however, has watched more reality TV in the past year than he had in his lifetime.  Poor guy.

One thing I do enjoy is the Super Bowl.   Yeah I like the commercials and I like the idea of people getting together to watch a game. Still - it can’t be denied.

I’m a huge fan of the food.

This Sunday I’ll be making the following:



My recipe is pretty simple – and I’ll let you know step by step on Sunday but I usually make them with black beans and turkey.  Yum.

Giada’s Balsamic Wings.


I’ve also been asked to make buffalo wings.  I’m planning on half and half.  I’ve never made buffalo wings before though so…we’ll see how that goes.  Can’t be too hard can it?   Anyone have a tried and true recipe?  Let me know!

We’re also having hot pretzels.


The first and only time I made homemade hot pretzels the pot overflowed and my father talked about the mess I made of his stove for days after.  In his honor I should just go and buy a box of these.


Maybe I should quit while I’m ahead.

And now – I’m starving!!

Happy Friday everyone!  What are you doing/making for the Super Bowl?? 


  1. Sooooo.......

    How big was this mess?

  2. Imagine what would happen if you added baking soda to boiling water and then dropped raw pretzel dough in it.

    Don't you worry. I'll clean it up.

  3. Something tells me that I wont have to imagine it for much longer.