Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mex I Can!

Good Afternoon all. What a beautiful day out, I think I'm going to go for a run at the local high school track later. Hopefully there is no track meet, lacrosse game or annoying people at the track who try to strike up a conversation as I pass them.

Now on to the real exciting stuff. I made guacamole the other day and took some pictures. (side note this taking pictures of everything you eat is a bit annoying and my dog barks at me every time I take a picture) Anyway I think my guacamole is pretty BA (badass). The key to good guacamole is ripe avocados. If they aren't ripe enough they don't mash well at all.

** Tip: If you need to ripen avocados in a hurry put them in a brown paper bag for a while. Its speeds up the ripening.

I then add some onion, jalapenos (removing the seeds they is hot, ya'll) and a plum tomato- all chopped.

Then I add fresh lime juice. In this batch which was three large avocados I put the juice of a lime and a half. I like lime a lot so you may want to add less. Then I put in some kosher salt, cracked black pepper, garlic powder and cumin. Mix it all together and enjoy.

I put some of the guacamole on the black bean burger I had for lunch. I made these burgers a while ago and froze a bunch. The recipe is from Sandra Lee.

The black bean burgers are good but without some sort of condiment they are what my Grandfather would call "dry as a fart" Ketchup or mustard doesn't work, the guacamole goes perfectly.

Krissy had some soup for lunch and more Ritz crackers.

Be be back later with some dinner deliciousness.


  1. no cilantro or scallions for the guac??? i always use!

  2. I no like cilantro so I don't put in. I never tried scallions in it.