Thursday, May 13, 2010

Old News...New News

Old news:

My lunch mimicked my dinner last night - with the inclusion of some shredded spinach.

And I had it in a bowl like a normal person.

New News!:

I am now a Contributing Editor for Foodbuzz's new venture - healthbuzz. I'm hoping to get some new posts up soon that fit the bill. Whether they be healthy recipes or weight loss and exercise related it's nice to be able to tag posts to be featured there. I'll know tomorrow what kind of exercise I can do so stay tuned!

I am also the NY Sustainable Restaurants Examiner on I haven't written an article yet - but I'll let you know as soon as I do. I'm excited to explore more of NYC and eat stuff that's good for me - and good for the planet. I'm not nearly as conscientious as I should be in that regard and am excited to learn how to be better.

Finally - and possibly the most exciting (to me) is that I'm hoping (fingers crossed that there is still space) to take a Food Writing course at NYU in the next few weeks. This blog is something that keeps me on track and I love it. Taking pictures and talking about food is something that makes me so happy I can't even tell you. But I want to be better at it, and I want to be a better writer and I think this course might get me started in the right direction.

So...there's that.

Despite one of my meetings for next week imploding I've got drumsticks marinating in the fridge, good TV on tonight, and smashed potatoes in my future.

Not a bad day.


  1. Cool new writing gigs! Let us know what the Food Writing course is like. I never thought of that as a class offering.

  2. Wow that's awesome - way to go!!

  3. Thanks Patty!

    Shan - I know. Seems really specialized right? My sister actually used to work for the woman who is teaching it - so I'm sure it'll be great. I'll definitely keep you posted!