Thursday, May 6, 2010

I hath returned!

Hello all!!! I am back...kinda sorta. I don't have any real exciting food tales to share. I can share a few other things though.

1) Getting surgery is a bizarre, bizarre thing. I didn't realize you literally walk yourself into the OR. I didn't realize how completely knocked out you get in such a short time. I didn't realize that they're saying "Once you can drink you can go home" meant have 2 glasses of ice water and a popsicle and you're outta there.

All in all I feel so much better today. A few of the incisions hurt when I move and laugh (my sister makes me laugh a lot so this is a problem) and the drugs make me queasy. Still it's nice to sit in comfy clothes and get waited on a little.

2) I've got a few new exciting things coming up in regards to food writing. I'll share them with you in a little bit - just want to make sure everything is squared away first.

3) I want to say thank you to my awesome sister Jen who volunteered to post for me even though she thinks taking pictures is a PITA. She also did all this while waiting on me which I definitely appreciate.

So far today I had this for breakfast:

Some honey wheat pretzels and tomato soup for lunch.

And I'm about to have a lemon ice pop.

On that exciting note I'll see you later. Thank you all for the good thoughts and wishes. They are very much appreciated!!


  1. So glad you are recovering nicely. :D

  2. Me too!! Thanks so much!! I fear the food stuff won't be too exciting in the next few days though :(