Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Delayed...yet delicious

I'm sorry about today. There is no real reason I have been such an incredible slacker. I worked from home and was slightly distracted I guess.

I didn't eat lunch at all - just a little bit of cheese and bread as a snack.

And pretzels and hummus.

OK. Maybe I ate lunch. :)

Dinner was turkey meatballs with pappardelle. When I got back home after my surgery my dad sent me with a care package of his most excellent turkey meatballs.

I finally decided to test the waters tonight. And it worked out splendidly. I'm beginning to remember what it feels like to eat without being afraid you're going to feel like crap after.

Sleep well. See you tomorrow.

PS: OH!! I almost forgot!! If you live in NY and want to know about Sustainable Restaurants - check this out.

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