Friday, May 21, 2010

I deserve a break today... I'm giving myself a little one.

OK. This morning I woke up with the realization that I need to reel myself in a little. Twice this week I've been a tad overserved.

While this is not a real problem...yet...I really don't want to make this a habit. Overdrinking can easily lead to overeating not to mention I just don't like the way I feel when I wake up.

Last night Patti and I went to the banc cafe. We started with vodka and lemonade.

And some bread and butter.

Then we ordered the appetizer sampler. You can pick 4 items off the menu and they serve them on a huge platter. We had steamed dumplings, coconut shrimp, chicken satay and chicken and cashew spring rolls.

and then...there was wine. Aaaand more wine (or beer in Patti's case). It was nice to sit outside and chat but...ugh...I think I had a little too much. This morning I woke up slightly headachy and very hungry. Not a good combo.

I went back and forth between a big ol' bagel and cream cheese or McDonald's. McDonald's won because Ess A Bagel gives you like a 1/4 lb of cream cheese on your bagel - and the bagel is the size of your head.

And yes. I went for the hash brown. Here's why.

The woman on line in front of me (PS: Yes. I know. Very NY of me to say 'on line' when I mean 'in line'. Can't help it.) ordered the chicken biscuit sandwich. I am in love with chicken biscuits. As a matter of fact on one of my walks last week I saw evidence of the mythical sole Chik fil A in Manhattan. I saw the remnants of a cup decorated with the cows holding signs logo. I think Cortney once told me it's somewhere on NYU's campus. Must investigate. eta: IT IS!

Anyway - not the point. The point is I really wanted a chicken biscuit. But the sandwich alone is 410 calories. For 450 I could have an Egg McMuffin + a hash brown. It made perfect sense to me.

Of course now I think I might be paying for my choices but it sure tasted good.

Plan for today is work from home, walk 6 miles when I'm done, have a nice dinner without wine.

I'll be back at lunchtime. See you then.

Have a happy Friday one and all.


  1. I love McDonald's hash browns. They are sooooo good.

  2. They are. I must confess though - this one was just meh. It had been out of the fryer a tad too long. :(