Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm ready for the weekend and for my week at home to be done. I'm all caught up at work (pretty much - my email inbox needs to be cleared out) and I've felt great all day today.

It's obviously too close to call at this point but I remember how the doctor at the first surgical consult said something to the effect that I could have lived my life without having surgery. I could just be super careful with what I eat.

If this week, Frito Misto and ice cream mishaps included, is any indication of me being 'super careful' with what I eat for the rest of my life surgery was not only the best choice for me - it was the ONLY choice.

I cannot wait to get these bandages off though.


Dinner tonight were balsamic drumsticks and smashed potatoes. These are the confetti potatoes from TJ's and were a combo of purple and red with a splash of lowfat milk, a pat of butter S&P.

And I loved (and enjoyed) every bite.

Lounging, TV, & Sleep are on the agenda this evening.

See you tomorrow.

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