Monday, May 10, 2010

May Flowers

I have a lot to update you on. Basically - after Friday I tried to pretend I didn't have an organ taken out of my body last week and ate stuff I probably should not have. So please note that today's meals were toast and buttered egg noodles. I show you those later.

Everything else you see here was not a very good idea.

I'll spare you more detail. You can thank me later. :)

Anyway - I am pain free for the most part. My bandages are more of a nuisance than anything else right about now. I ran to TJ's earlier and made mistake #2 - which is thinking I'm capable of carrying 30 lbs worth of groceries like it's not big deal.

What I'm saying is I overdid it a bit.

Or maybe I'm spoiled from my last grocery shop when someone else did the heavy lifting.

Anyway...let me show you what I've been up to these days.

First I have said this before but it is still true. I have THE BEST FRIENDS EVER.

This beautiful bouquet was sent to me out on LI.

This bunch of beauties was waiting for me when I got home to NYC.

I love, love, love fresh flowers. They instantly make me happy. Thanks again to the fabulous Carrie, Cort, Maddy, Mellie V, KZ, and Patti for the lovely roses and thanks to darling Kay for the irises. LOVE THEM.

I ate this pasta on Friday for dinner. My dad made it and it was even more delicious because of that. Shrimp w/garlic and oil. Sorry so dark!

I ate 2 of these bagel cheese sandwiches. They are mini bagels. Feel the need to clarify that. :) 1 for lunch on Saturday and 1 for breakfast on Sunday.

Saturday night I had a post-op dinner date. We went to Cipollini at the Americana.

We started with Frito Misto. Delicious - but not smart. Not gallbladderless friendly.

I had bucantini pomodoro. Smartest choice of the weekend.

He had salmon.

Sidenote: I don't know why he still wants to have dinner with me. I asked if he wanted a taste of my pasta - and he gave me a bite of salmon. I recoiled as he tried to put it on my plate saying "NO! You don't need to give me that. I don't like salmon!!"

Really. I take pictures of my food and then freak when people try and share their food with me. What a prize!! LOL! No point hiding who I am though I guess!!

We also had dessert. I don't know where the picture went. It was chocolate cake with pistachio gelato.

I don't like pistachio gelato. I think I made a face when they set down the plate.

That's me. Class act right here.

Yesterday we had a lovely Mother's Day. We (me, mom, dad, and Jen) went to L'Express for dinner.

I'm going to tell you more about this place later. It's always been one of my favorites (and my mom's too) but I found out that there is an emphasis on eating green for the month of May.

Jen had a beer (or 2) with a cool name.

The End of the World

I had...Pinot Grigio. Shocker.

I had roasted tomato soup and it was delish - especially since it was chilly yesterday.

I also had the organic chicken breast over greens with asparagus. I have half of this left.

Then I made another fatal error. Ice cream.

This was my mom's dessert. I am showing you this because if you go to L'Express for nothing else you need to try these profiteroles at least once in your lifetime.

And that's enough for now. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I can't promise exciting food this week. I bought a lot of bland stuff today at TJ's. Things like turkey burgers and chicken drumsticks and wheat crackers and pasta. After a few days of eating carefully I'll test the waters again.

Stay tuned.

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