Friday, May 14, 2010

Living Dangerously

In about an hour and a half I'll be out the doors of this shoebox of an apartment for the bulk of the day. I've got back to back drs appointments and then will run errands and get my hair done after work is done for the day.

The weather reports say it's in the 70s today - if a bit gloomy. At least I won't freeze to death my first day outdoors.

Breakfast, surprisingly, has been sitting pretty well.

I don't know what lunch will be - or where lunch will be - as I'll be out and about around that time.

I've spent the morning sorting through mail, paying bills, and enrolling in the Food Writing class (YAY!!!). Even though I don't have a ton going on I'm excited for the weekend.

Anyone have any fun weekend plans?


  1. Oh my!!! I've been absent from blog land for a bit and it looks like I missed some major life events on your end! What did you have surgery for??? I hope that you are doing well!!! The blog is looking really great :)

  2. Hi Jocie!!! I had my sucky gallbladder out. Freaked me out a little but I'm fine. Just went to the surgeon today and I am a model patient. :) Can't wait to hear what's up with you!