Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Yesterday was a day that reminds me what an absolutely excellent decision it was to move into Manhattan. It's not because I encountered a celebrity or went to some amazing place for dinner or went to a great museum exhibit or other such cultural event.

I can't even really describe it actually - but I'll try.

I worked half the day before heading out to the doctors. I'm a model patient, everything is healing well. I can't hurt myself if I go to the gym or Zumba but he recommends I wait a week or two more before I try anything like running. This - in my book - also includes Zumba sadly.

In order not to end up with scary ugly scars I also have doctors orders not to wear a bikini this summer.

I haven't worn anything resembling a bikini since like 1982. This is not going to be a real issue.

I attended to a few details for my meetings next week and then it was off to my next appointment. After that I headed towards Union Square.

Union Square was bustling. It was the first nice day here in a while and it was nice to walk through and see everyone out and about.

Next on the agenda was to get my hair done. I'll spare you the gory details - but I have issues with my scalp. I hop from dermatologist to dermatologist trying to find something to treat it that won't kill my hair in the process.

The salon I went to worked miracles. My scalp is clean as a whistle, my hair is soft and shiny, and when she said she'd trim a half inch, she trimmed a half inch.

With close to 5 miles on the pedometer and a growling stomach I went back to Heartland Brewery. It's pricey for what it is, it's essentially a chain restaurant but I am in love with the Ginger Chicken Wontons.

So I had them.

With a glass of Friday wine. Or two. Maybe three. No one will ever know. I was there alone.

I was still so hungry so I ordered one of the specials. It was a fish sandwich with avocado. Everything I am was screaming "HAVE FRIES!! HAVE FRIES!!" but as you can see, clearer heads prevailed. I have half of this left for lunch today.

Yesterday reminded me of the days when I traveled a ton for work. It was me, my Blackberry and People and US Magazines sitting at a table in a bar by myself people watching and just enjoying my own company. I miss that part of my job sometimes.

I guess I could have had a day like that if I lived in another city, actually I'm sure I could have but I don't know. It was just a really, really nice day.

It's beautiful out again today. I think I might go sit in the park later and read the rest of my magazines. A manicure is in my future this morning. As a reward for resisting the fries I have potatoes roasting for breakfast. I haven't quite gotten there yet.

I'll keep you posted. Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. That sounds like a wonderful day and I''m glad that you're healing so well. :D

  2. It really was a terrific day. I'm almost completely back to normal I think. Well - as normal as I ever am. :) I'm feeling very much like my old self again.