Monday, May 17, 2010

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?*

I am not going to have anything exciting (foodwise) to report until after lunch I'm afraid. I ate a quick piece of bread and PB for breakfast as I straightened up my apartment (so excited to come home tonight to a sparkling place!)

I am back in the office today - going to the studio in a bit to babysit a webcast. It was nice to get out and get dressed and be productive. I didn't even mind taking the subway.

Other plans for the day include:

BBQ Chicken Salad for lunch.
Fruit for dessert. (DID YOU HEAR THAT ANNIE? FRUIT!)
A date for dinner

But THIS is exciting! Jen called me earlier to tell me this person was around the corner from my parents filming a movie.

I told her to ask her over for dinner. We'll see.

Did you ever see the movie Sabrina (the remake - not the Humphrey Bogart version? - that was filmed near my parents too. It's Hollywood East!)

I'll be back later!

*PS: Unless something drastic has happened Kate Winslet isn't really coming to dinner. But I bet she would love my dad's cooking.

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