Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Drink Your Breakfast

Hello, I'm Krissy's sister Jen stepping in for her as she mourns the loss of her gallbladder. She wasn't all that worried about getting it out until I told her I read a study that shows the gallbladder has a direct relation to a persons ability to Zumba. Krissy loooooves to Zumba and to say the word Zumba. I'm not sure which she loves more. I have never done Zumba. Just one of the many, many ways my sister and I are different. I also don't eat as much peanut butter as she does.

For breakfast this morning I had a Spinach Smoothie. Sounds gross? It isn't.

I use:
small banana
about half a small container of plain greek yogurt
skim milk (just a little to make it easier to blend)
Spinach (a lot of it)

You cannot taste the spinach at all. My mother who barely eats any vegetables and would never eat spinach normally has had this smoothie and likes it. Although she drinks a tiny glass of it. I also had a cup of coffee.

Today I am going to work and after may be going car shopping since some donkey did this to my car as it sat in front of my house the other night and then sped away.

I have a couple of pieces of their bumper that I am going to dust for fingerprints and trace back to them CSI style. The police told me that unless someone is hurt or killed they don't really investigate. What about the death of my Saturn Ion? They don't even make those anymore, it was a classic.

I'll be back later with another exciting post. Have a great day!



  2. Baby spinach Melissa-san. Jenco grows it in her garden.