Thursday, May 27, 2010

Two things

Another super busy day. I CANNOT WAIT till tomorrow when I will be working from home, doing laundry, getting ready for the weekend.

I was at the office at 8:45 for a meeting where the big boss bought me this bagel.

Then I went to the hotel where my meeting is, ran back to the office for labels, went back and helped with registration, then came back to the office at 1:30.

Worked, worked worked. Had a 2 PM conference call. Had an Emergency Drill - for like super scary things like bomb threats and explosions, had a 2:30 meeting with my manager.

Ate this sandwich.

Honey turkey, cheddar, baby lettuce, onion, hummus and honey mustard.

Got the keyboard on my work laptop replaced. I can now type one O at a time and also can see all the letters on my keyboard. Half of them were worn off.

Cancelled a wine order, reinstated a wine order, sent rooming lists to hotel.

I'm super cranky. I have another headache (a trend this week). I am now going home, getting into PJs, making myself a turkey burger, watching So You Think You Can Dance and then the Real Housewives, going to bed.

Tomorrow I will tell you all about my cooking class. I PROMISE.

Yeah I know I'm full of promises lately - but this time I MEAN IT. :)

Thank you for your patience.

See you in a bit.

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