Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Like sands through The Hourglass

We went to dinner at The Hourglass Tavern last evening and it was delightful.

They used to turn these hourglasses over when you first sat down. It's on Restaurant Row - so it was really great for those people who have theatre tickets and need to get out quick.

They don't do that so much anymore...considering we were there for...like...4.5 hours last night. :)

We started with grilled polenta with cheese and tomato sauce. This polenta had kernels of corn in it. It was a little odd - but still tasty.

I had another appetizer for dinner. Crabcake + Jumbo Shrimp

He had tilapia.

And I had like a bottle of wine and needed to be poured into a cab.

The end. :)

Breakfast this morning was a piece of bread + PB before leaving the house, a large fountain Diet Coke from McDonald's on my way into the office. The Egg McMuffin meal looked SOOOOOOOOO tempting, but I refrained after the egg fiasco last week.

Lunch is for the lazy, purchased from the cafeteria upstairs.

I'll give you the details on that later.

Stay dry and warm New Yorkers. This weather is the pits.


  1. "And I had like a bottle of wine and needed to be poured into a cab." Hahahaha. That was me last night too, except I was at home in my pj's. Hope you're feeling better!!!

  2. There was no more accurate description. :)

    I feel really great. Thanks! As of late last week I've felt so much better!