Saturday, May 15, 2010

Not even a plate

I've had an afternoon that's been equal parts lazy and productive. The kitchen and bathroom are clean. I gave myself a manicure while I watched the last few innings of the Yankee game. I decided however that I could not fathom messing up the kitchen making something for dinner.

Honey Turkey + Swiss + spinach + honey mustard on a sandwich thin.

I couldn't even bring myself to use a plate. This dinner decision was also made based on the fact that I ate a few handfuls of pretzels dipped in hummus at various points this afternoon.

Which reminds me...

Dear Cedars:

Please stop changing your packaging. I keep thinking I've grabbed a tub of Garlic Lovers and it's then I find out it's Traditional Tahini. The blue on the label is tricking me. It's not that I don't like the Traditional, but I LOVE the Garlic (more than is possibly normal).

Thank you for your cooperation.

Love, Krissy

Another boring evening is in my future. It's alright. I have plans with Maddy tomorrow and I already know I've got some stuff coming up next week. It's the calm before my back to being a social human being storm.

Have a lovely night one and all. See you in the morning!


  1. I love a good lazy afternoon and, of course, once I look back, I find that it wasn't completely lazy at all and that I've managed to get in a few tasks and some exercise even.

    And there's definitely nothing wrong with a good ol' sandwich. I have one just about every day...

  2. I think it comes from the size of my apartment. Once I'm in relaxed mode I hardly move from one spot!

    The sandwich was delish! I just had another one almost like it as a matter of fact!