Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Krissy is out of surgery, everything went well and she should be arriving here shortly. I plan to eat yummy fatty foods in front of her while saying "yuuuummmm don't you wish you could eat this?"

I didn't really eat anything too fatty today. I had a little snack of guacamole and blue corn chips. I made the guacamole yesterday but I'll save the recipe and pictures for my Cinco de Mayo post tomorrow.

I ate many more chips than are pictured. I have a major weakness when it comes to tortilla chips. I luvre them.

For lunch I had Sesame noodles with chicken that my dad got me yesterday from a local deli. They were Aight. (Aight (Ai-Ght) (adj.) from the english Alright. Meaning so so, Ok not great, but tolerable.)

I did not feel like exercising today at all. However I made myself at least do something. So I went for what I like to call a Ralk. I ran to start but ended up walking most of it. Probably 2 miles total. Not really great but better than nothing. Also my dad asked me before I left the house if I was going to pass a local store that had ice cream on sale. Big Joe (dad) knows every item that is on sale at every store within ten miles. So I ran a bit then walked home with a bag full of ice cream.

For dinner one of my personal faves chicken and rice. Chicken was baked in the oven seasoned with a little salt and pepper. I had some string beans, corn and rice on the side. I love rice as much as Krissy loves peanut butter, dark chocolate, crab cakes, cedar's garlic hummus, shrimp, etc.

I may have some popcorn while I watch Lost in a little bit. I'll let you know tomorrow. I'm sure you all won't be able to sleep tonight in anticipation.

Shout out to my Aunt Beth. Blog About It, Blog About It, Blog About It. =)


  1. Glad she made it through ok! Your dinner looks good - I love rice too, but my hubby is a noodle lover.

  2. Glad to read that Krissy's doing well. And ice cream sounds like a great excuse to run (then stop).