Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten Updates (or random questions/thoughts)

1) I got a TON of work done today. I love when that happens.

2) I learned how to cut and paste my signature onto Banquet Event Orders (thanks Annie!)- keeping me from having to go to the office this week.

3) This is huge news - even if you don't realize its importance.

4) Trader Joe's continues to be the greatest place in the universe.

5) Seriously. I want to own a Trader Joe's.

6) Why can't Trader Joe's pay more? I would definitely work there.

7) One of my bandages fell off. ICK. The incision is itty bitty - like a tiny cross. But now it's itchy and I have the most ridiculous combinations of Band Aids + medical tape covering it. The doctor is sure to roll his eyes on Friday.

8) Before I put all these crazy Band Aids on it I got it wet. I hope the combination of Lavender Dial Antibacterial soap and Neosporin will keep me from getting some incurable infection.

9) Are infections incurable?

10) I'm watching a Real Housewives of NYC Marathon and just caught a commercial for this Thursday. No Real Housewife should ever do any real singing EVER.

I was going to have that leftover L'Express salad for lunch - but the lettuce looked way too sad when I went to get it out of the To Go box. Instead I put some of it + the chicken on a sandwich thin.

In the mid-afternoon I had a snack. These were awesome. Made with strawberries so real my teeth were full of seeds after.

Click on that picture to see the fine print. It says "Serving Suggestion" on the front of the box. They suggest you serve 2 ice pops in a glass bowl.

Alrighty then. :)

I chose to serve it the old fashioned way.

I will say I did love the Edy's ones Jen got me last week too. I'm gonna look for them at the grocery store. They will be great for the summer when I want a treat.

I love the flavors of grape and lemon. Growing up I used to have Grape Lemonade all the time in the summer. Anyone else have that?

It is a can of this:

Plus a can of this:

Such a childhood taste memory for me. Like...Pringles in the red can, Cheez Doodles - the big puffy kind, Good Humor Ice Cream Bars - the one that had a chocolate bar in the center.

Confession: We used to use Pringles as communion hosts when we'd play mass as kids. My mom worked for the parish as did my aunt who lived next door. So yeah. Sometimes we - as kids - played mass.

Sometimes we played Star Wars. I was the only girl and always got to play Leia. I used to wear a quilted jacket with a Mandarin collar and Chinese slippers. I apparently was Leia when she wanted to kick some Empire ass.

Sometimes we played Grease. I was - of course - Sandy. I used to wear my Aunt Pat's Candie's slides and my black ballet leotard with the shoulders pulled down.

I'm so going to hell for one of those things. I'm not sure which at the moment. ;)

Aaaaaaand on that note this is what I had for dinner.

Jen is going to read this post and tell me that I "love everything".

And she will be right.

Hope everyone had a great day. My food choices (after the breakfast setback) served me well today.

Go figure.

See you tomorrow!


  1. grape lemonade...i like the sounds of that.

  2. I love this post - but were you on painkillers when you wrote it? :D

  3. Grape lemonade is delicious. Ha! No I'm off the meds. Tylenol only. But I'm at the stage of my 'working from home' where I stay inside for 24 hours and really should get out and talk to another human being face to face.

    Except now I have a blog - so I just come here and ramble away!! :)

  4. I didn't play Star Wars when I was a little girl because...there *was* no Star Wars when I was a little girl.

    I'm enjoying catching up. I loved the picture of you with the Crescent apron.

  5. Aww TLK! Thanks! That party was more fun than I expected.