Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Not crazy...eggsactly...

But maybe a little. :)

I am not cut out for telecommuting 24/7. At least not living the way I do right now -which is in the equivalent of a hotel room. Plus - living in NYC means I'd never have to actually LEAVE here at all. I can have virtually everything delivered to my doorstep.

I went for a quick walk (in the rain) just a bit ago to prove that I'm not some crazy reclusive cat lady.

Minus the cats.

About a year ago I went through this period where eggs didn't agree with me too much. So what did I have today for breakfast?

The results were so-so. I felt no worse than I did back then, better than I did over the weekend and on Monday.

A minor success.

Plans for today are - you know - more work, a little lunch and thinking about what I want for dinner. I think this is the biggest issue for me. There are so many things I'd love to eat right now. I'd love to make some baslamic wings or cheesy pasta or break into the container of turkey meatballs my dad made that are tucked in my freezer.

I'm going for some pasta with marinara sauce for lunch and we'll take it from there.

PS: To those who are curious - I promise that I'm off the pain meds. I'm just deprived of social interaction of late. :)


  1. Yeah, I'm not good at the work from home thing because I'm an extrovert and I need outside energy.

  2. I don't suppose you like oatmeal? That's my go-to "not feeling up to eating much" food.

    For lower fat, you could consider skim milk (maybe going half skim and half 1% until you get used to it) and low-fat (not fat-free) cream cheese when you use it.

    I actually didn't realize that fat content was a problem *after* you had the gall bladder out. I knew bland was "in" after a surgery, though. :)

  3. FF - That too. I do love the fact that I am allowed to work from home occasionally but I can't do it all the time.

    TLK - I need to try oatmeal again. It's a texture thing. I have a bunch of stuff that I like the flavors of in one incarnation and not others - case in point: I like ketchup, salsa and all sorts of tomatoes - except raw. One of my favorite food bloggers makes spicy oats for breakfast. I might give that a try. Thanks for the suggestions.

    Post surgery it's really that my system is trying to adapt to the fact that something is now missing. I ate poorly over the weekend and now I think I'm paying for it. The egg thing was something that happened a while ago - then I got over it. I'm hoping that'll be the case again soon.