Thursday, May 13, 2010

Go Lightly

It only took me over a week to accept this.

Last night I had the best meal I've had all week. It was the first time since last Monday that I ate without feeling...not right. No use beating myself up right now but I probably could have spared myself some of this discomfort if I'd just...gone lightly from the start.

Lesson learned.

Last night I had some brown rice, roasted tomatoes and half a leftover poached chicken breast.

In a mug - because...I do that.

This morning I had a whole wheat English with some Laughing Cow LIGHT Garlic & Herb.

It's not quite a croissant and coffee on 5th and 57th, but it was good. :)

Today I was ambitious and showered first thing in the morning. After a week of sitting here basically talking to myself - this counts as ambition in my book. I opened the curtains and the apartment is bright and sunny.

I'm feeling much more like myself again.

Plans for the next few days include a trip to the doctors, a trip to get my hair done, a possible meeting with munchkins, a movie w/Maddy and a Monday dinner date.

I'll keep you posted. :)

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