Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bryant Park Grill

After work - we tried to have a drink at the new Hyatt on 5th and 41st but were shut out. The lounge is for guests only and the place is so weirdly set up that there is no place to just sit down and have a drink. Plus the hostess was pretty rude.

So. We went to the Bryant Park Grill because I dream about their crabcakes.

(This has nothing to do with the really freaking disturbing dream I had last night about being held captive in a school basement/bar with my friend Cortney where everyone's cell phone was stolen and put in a place no one would want to go get them.)

It was really weird. I am scared to find out what it all means.


I was feeling cocktail-y so I had my summer favorite - orange vodka and cranberry.

and then...Pinot Grigio.

I split fries w/Patti.

and got the aforementioned crab cakes. They serve them over salad with a mustard dressing. It's just enough.

Today was a case of chicken and the egg. The egg came first - then I made chicken. I'll show you later. I have yummy dinner plans. I am taking Dave to OTTO tonight as a belated birthday treat.

More. Later.

Have a great day!

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  1. Dreams are so weird. Those crab cakes look divine.