Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Call it Macaroni

I am back home (read NYC) after a weekend at home with family (read Long Island), dealing with LIRR service delays, and rainy chilly weather.

Let's get back to the updates. Saturday, after Zumba and buying my bus ticket I went out to LI. My mom, Jen and I went to Cippolini. We split the Fritto Misto and I had macaroni with shrimp, broccoli, garlic and oil. I saved half of the pasta and ate it for lunch on Monday. I'm getting back into that 'eat anything you want - just half' thing that worked so well for me in the past.

Sunday We went to visit my brother, sister in law and nieces this weekend - including a brand new one.

She's gorgeous.

My mom and I made macaroni and cheese.

It was made with whole milk and two kinds of cheddar - a mild yellow and a super sharp white.

We put it in individual tins.

We took the girls to lunch and left Matt and Mel with little Cooper. I had a very bad for me burger and they had mac and cheese...among other things.

Cocktail hour on Sunday - cheese, pretzels, hummus and strawberries.

Dinner on Sunday night - mac and cheese and chicken cutlet.

Breakfasts have been the usual - some form of peanut butter on bread.

Once I got home today I was trying to clean out my fridge - so my lunch was a real mish mosh. There is brown rice, fresh ricotta and mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, broccoli, yellow bell pepper and shrimp.

I volunteered for a 6 PM webcast tonight so I'll be working a little later than usual. Then I'm meeting Cort and KZ for a bite around 7.

Tomorrow I'm taking a sort of sketchy bus to PA where my boyfriend says he'll be waiting to pick me up.

I believe him - I'm just not sure I believe in the sketchy bus.

I have bus issues if you haven't guessed yet. :)


  1. I totally have bus issues too. In fact, I hate them. But - I give you props for doing it!

  2. This one is BAD. The website offers no info and the guy at the ticket counter was mean to me when I bought my ticket over the weekend. They don't sell tickets for specific dates and there are only 2 buses a day. I am taking the early one.

    Plus I really hate Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan.

    But I've got books, the September issue of Vogue and my iPod. I think I'll be OK. :)

  3. Just a thought, instead of little Cooper, shouldn't you be calling him "Mini" Cooper. :D