Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I slept horribly last night. I tried to go without the AC but it was not gonna happen.

Today I'm FREEZING in the office. So cold I want to go home and...shut off the AC.

Go figure.

Lunch yesterday was turkey and swiss with baby spinach and honey mustard. BBQ TJ PopChips and a pickle.

Last night Dave and I had a night of "We should have stopped here".

We met at Philip Marie - which I neglected to realize was closed on Mondays.

We went to the White Horse Tavern for a drink while we contemplated our options.

Dave was right about something at work but had to talk to people multiple times so we wound up just wandering into this place called Wogies - which used to be a different place where we went for Book Club back in the day that had good tapas and hummus.

Now they serve cheesesteaks.

Random fact: Dave grew up near Phildelphia yet isn't a big cheesesteak fan.

The first thing we ordered (but bad pic) was Medium wings. They were fantastic.

The rest was eh.

Fries that we didn't finish.

Sausage sandwich which Dave ate 1/2 of.

"Garbage" bread which was stuffed with broccoli and cheese. Eh.

That brings us to today.

Breakfast was PB on a sandwich thin.

Lunch was turkey, bell pepper, goat cheese and hummus on whole wheat.

I get to go home....soon. Looking very much forward to it.


  1. For some reason before I started dating you, I didn't think there were too many things that I didn't eat, now the list just seems to grow and grow.

    Cheesesteaks are too greasy.


  2. Well coming from a guy who eats liver and scrapple - that's not saying much. :)