Friday, August 13, 2010


Oh man. Thanks Melissa for making me feel like a very bad aunt!!

Something else very important happened yesterday. I have a new niece. Her name is Cooper. She's very, very, very cute and I can't wait to meet her in person.

Her sisters are the two cutest things I've ever seen so she has a lot to live up to.

It's been so crazy here I can't believe I neglected to mention it!

I was up pretty early today as I am heading out around 1 to catch the bus to the east end. It's gloomy today. I went out to CVS to grab a few things this morning and there's this thing that happens when I go to CVS. I pass this other place where I often stop for breakfast.

It takes every fiber of my being not to order the chicken biscuit. Really. I have to stop myself from saying it when I get to the counter. I have rules now. Rules that I am letting slip a little bit lately but basically I can eat at McDonald's if all I order is Egg McMuffins, Grilled Chipotle Chicken Snack Wraps or a small fry.

I cannot have Southern Chicken Biscuits or Quarter Pounders.

Those are my rules and I'm trying desperately to stick to them.

I have gained about 6 lbs over the summer. All things considered it's not terrible. My clothes still fit and I've been enjoying myself. But I really need to get back to journaling and exercising. And when I eat out leaving half of what I order on my plate.

I think that's really the key.

But...even as I say that I'm looking forward to a weekend of food and wine. :)

I'll be back with more details soon enough.



  1. I have gained this summer as well. It is so hard when the days are long! There is so much going on, which usually involves food and wine. But, there is also a point when you just have to live your life and as long as you don't get too off track, it is okay. Congrats on the new family member!!

  2. Yeah I'm not in that panicked state yet. A few pounds here and there won't kill me - and I know what to do to get them to leave. :) I'm giving myself the summer and then going back to it this fall.

    Thanks for the congrats! I can't wait to meet her!