Thursday, August 12, 2010

A date with Chuck

So I'm finally home in NYC. It's good to be here. I'm about to rush off again - spending the weekend on the North Fork w/the family but these last 2 days have been great.

I couldn't even see for the better part of yesterday afternoon I was so tired. Here's a little recap as to what I've eaten.

Tuesday morning I had leftover steak, eggs and asparagus.

I didn't really eat lunch. I munched on some pretzels and hummus and might have also had a slice of bread with PB.

Dinner was at Sonic because Dave likes using the heated seat thing in his car when his back is bad.

We had tots and rings.

And a burger too.

Yesterday I had a half a PB sandwich for breakfast. lunch really so dinner was 2 kinds of oven fries and 2 97% fat free hot dogs.

Breakfast today was an EM w/PB and a glass of chocolate milk.

I had a tuna sandwich on whole wheat and BBQ PopChips for lunch. I could have sworn I took a picture. Hmmm....

I went to Zumba (YAY!) and then, because I found out Dave is cheating on me by going to trivia tonight with a (much) younger woman* I made myself a pizza....

...and had a date with this guy.

For $2 it's really not bad at all.

Pizza was made with TJ's whole wheat dough, TJ's pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella and ricotta, parmesan and some crushed red pepper and garlic.

It was yummy.

I'll catch you tomorrow and hopefully be a better blogger in the days to come.

* don't panic. He took Mora to trivia tonight. :)


  1. and what about the baby girl!!!!!

  2. Sonic was a bit of a let-down btw. Tater tots were sweet? what was that about? Burger was very average, Sadly their commercials are much better than the food.

    The magic-trick wallet happy meal toy was the best part of the experience.

    Why didnt I get any asparagus? Apparently gimpers cannot be choosers ;)

  3. Ummm...I don't know why you didn't get asparagus. Probably because I didn't give any to you. :)

    My sincerest apologies. Rumor has it my dad is making Eggs Benedict on Sunday. Maybe you'll get some then.