Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last time on Single Serving...

Hello there.

Last I saw you it was Thursday. Then Friday Dave threw his back out and I've had more pressing responsibilities.

The good news? A lot of those were in the kitchen.

The bad news? I didn't always remember my camera. :(

Lots of tomato based products.

But first - just in case you were wondering - before the 'injury' we had pretzels at trivia.

Dave made gazpacho.

I made roasted tomato sauce. We had it tonight over breaded chicken cutlets.

Master Chef Mora made salad and garlic knots.

I made baked 'ziti' with turkey meat sauce.

The garden was full of green things.

So today I made Fried Green Tomatoes.

Because I'm older and I have more insurance. ;)

I'll be back soon with more coherent updates.

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