Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cupcakes and Classy Chicks

As the new year rolls around my dear friend Carrie has started a wonderful tradition.  She invites all the ladies over for a New Years Brunch. 

My friends and I enjoy brunch a lot.

Today’s brunch started at 12 noon and I walked in the door to my apartment at around 8 PM but that’s beside the point.

Carrie puts out quite a spread but I wanted to contribute something sweet so I brought some cupcakes.  I used this recipe.  I usually make these with the candy cane but left it out this time.  It’s basically a box cake mix with some extras.  I added these things + some sour cream.  The cupcakes are super moist.January 106 January 107 January 108 I got a cupcake carrier and some fancy liners for Christmas that I was dying to use.January 109 Before….January 110 After.January 111 With buttercream icing.   In preparation for eating buttercream icing I went to the gym this morning and incline walked for 35 minutes.  Then I did one set of stairs (only to the 4th floor though – my legs and I just got back on speaking terms).January 113And sprinkles!!!!January 127Sidenote: I bought this cute dishtowel when I went to Maryland/DC with Dave in November.   I love it.January 112  I know truffles..errr trouble.   My cupcake carrier slipped off my lap on the subway on the way to Queens and I almost missed my stop!!!

Carrie had all the makings for brunch cocktails.January 116 January 117 I prefer Screwdrivers to Mimosas.January 119 She set the table with some lovely centerpieces.January 120January 122 My plate.  Two types of quiche, a slice of pound cake and salad with apples and pomegranate.January 121 Then I had a coughing fit and drank some hot water with lemon.  This damn cold won’t leave me alone. January 124 Then, as all proper ladies who brunch do, we started to gamble.  We played a few mean rounds of Left Right Center.January 125  First for pocket change.January 129Then we brought out the big guns.January 136 I did not win so had to drown my sorrows.January 135  (Note: no alcohol was consumed in the taking of this photo.  But – don’t get me wrong - I did enjoy a cocktail or two).

I got home, many hours later, full of good food and good cheer shared with good friends and made myself a bowl of pasta.   A perfect end to a pretty perfect day.January 141

Tomorrow me and my cupcake carrier are off to the wilds of Pennsylvania.  I’ll be back again on Monday.

Enjoy your weekend one and all!

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  1. What a fun idea! And it looks like you guys had a wonderful time! :D