Monday, January 24, 2011

Too cold for comfort

Fact:  Cancun is really warm.   So warm someone who was in our room before we got there left something…ahem…behind on the terrace.


Some poor guy on the hotel staff was dispatched to remove the evidence.Cancun 019You stay classy, Cancun!!        

Fact: New York = Antarctica.   I have traded in flip flops and a beach cover up for a get up like this.


Fact: I worked out 2x in 4 days while in Mexico.  This was the view from my treadmill.

Cancun 016

Fact: I went to 2 for 1 Happy Hour 2x a day while in MexicoCancun 028

Fact:  Here are some things I really like….

Fish tacos – eaten poolside.Cancun 013

Margaritas – sipped poolside.Cancun 023Hamburgers – eaten poolside.Cancun 025Guacamole  - eaten poolside.Cancun 030Basically – just being poolside.Cancun 021Cancun 022   The fried shrimp at TGIFridays at the Cancun Airport.   The only meal I had yesterday.Cancun 018Yoda at the TGIFridays at the Cancun Airport.Cancun 017 These girls.  Some of the best friends anyone could ever have.Cancun 036


Congrats to Carrie (and Chris) – the first of us to head towards Happily Ever After.

I’ll be back tomorrow.  I’m still in a bit of detox.

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  1. I'm so glad that you are getting away and enjoying!