Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day One – Done.

I had a very good day yesterday.

Despite the fact that I’m sick…again.  I have a stuffy nose and a cough that I can’t even blame on my boyfriend or his kids.  :(

Yesterday I ate and behaved like I used to not so long ago and survived.  I not only survived – I wasn’t so hungry I wanted to gnaw my own arm off.

You laugh but this was a definite concern.

I broke a big rule and ate breakfast late.  I had an English Muffin with some Three Cheese Onion Blend from Hickory Farms.  Before the holiday I received a box of goodies from the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program.   I received the Deluxe Hickory Selection.  I took pictures but it’s been a while and the pictures are on my point and shoot and I seem to have misplaced the cord. :(   I just ordered a new one because I am not confident that I can find it through all my travels.

Here’s what it looked like.

January 088

I brought some of that box over to Dave’s.  I brought some with me when we tailgated at the Penn State Game.  I’m not a big sausage fan (That’s what she said) but I have more of the cheese in my fridge for future use.

For lunch I had a cup of Lipton Ring O Noodles Soup.  Did you know that you are supposed to get 4 servings out of that sucker?  I added some egg noodles too.

Sidenote:  That link brings you to Wegmans.  My idea of paradise is to live inside a Wegmans next to a Trader Joe’s and a Barnes & Noble while eating peanut butter for breakfast, salads with goat cheese for lunch and hot pretzels with mustard for a snack and burgers and fries for dinner.  I would also require Diet Coke and Pinot Grigio.

For exercise yesterday I didn’t want to go out again so I did the stairs.  There are 8 flights in my building and I did them 3 times up and down.  Probably took about 15 minutes.  My heart rate got up to 169 at one point (thank you Dave for my awesome new watch thingy) and my legs are KILLING ME today. 

I forgot how good that feels – to work out muscles that you normally don’t.  Today is a gym day.  I’m going to walk for 45 minutes after work.

Dave came over for dinner.   I made pasta primavera with chicken.   Dave’s mom was ridiculously generous to me this Christmas and gave me a Le Creuset Grill Pan.

If I wasn’t already in love with her son I would date this grill pan.  That’s how much I adore Le Creuset.  I marinated the chicken in Italian dressing and grilled it with a little onion.January 025I sautéed some garlic, yellow bell pepper, roasted tomatoes and onion.January 026

I added steamed broccoli, whole wheat pasta, spinach, basil and parmesan.  Spices were some black pepper, crushed red pepper and lemon pepper.  Sauce was some white wine and a cup of the pasta water with a drizzle of olive oil.January 027Ta da!!! January 030  

I measured 2 cups of dried pasta. There’s about a cup of leftovers in my fridge right now. I drank Diet Coke and had a TJ’s Mini Mint Mouthful and this guy for dessert.

January 031

I don’t feel overly full.  I feel accomplished and productive.  I still need to do some laundry and mop the floor but my place looks pretty presentable. 

It’s a good day.

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  1. And as a impartial observer I pronounced dinner delicious.