Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Day

I’m over this snow everyone and I don’t even have to shovel it.

There’s not much new in Krissyville.  I went out to a lovely lunch with folks from work today.  I ate my weight in garlic in an attempt to not eat french fries last night at trivia.

Oh and we lost too.  I’m getting a complex.  We haven’t won in a while. 

I’m heading back to NJ tonight.  I’m going to cook over the weekend so I’ll be sure Dave takes pictures.  I’m going to make some Super Bowl food next weekend too including these beauties.

ss 093

I’m going to work on my restaurant review and see if I still have any food writing skills.

I’m going to try and take the Multi-Grain Cheerios Challenge next week I got from MyBlogSpark.  I’m going to try for 4 days of work outs and 1 week of eating like I know I should.

I’ll keep you posted.

Until later.


  1. Sigh.... no new post.

    I was at least hoping for a pic of that lovely egg sandwich I made you Sunday.

  2. I uploaded it - I just haven't gotten there yet!

    And it was a very lovely sandwich.