Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I’m going waterskiing wearing a tiara

Back in the day my Uncle Tom had an extensive record collection.   One of those albums was the Beauty and the Beat by The Go-Go’s. 

I thought my Uncle Tom was pretty cool.   And I wanted to be Belinda Carlisle.

Though it's from a later album this video will explain where I am off to.

For the next few days I’ll be sitting by a beach and a pool and a swim up bar.   I’m going away with the girls and there’s the promise of a pretty spectacular dinner on Saturday evening and the potential for a number of good stories.

I tried on a dress last night to pack with me.  A dress that I wore all summer long and L-O-V-E-D.

It fits – it zips up and everything but it is not the super comfy dress of last summer.   I want to wear it again and love it.  I want to wear a lot of stuff and love it.

It’s time to stop talking about it and just do it already.

I couldn’t motivate myself to get to the gym this morning but I made myself do the stairs.  3 sets – 8 flights – 160-ish calories.

Speaking of stairs – this morning I got locked in a stairwell. 

Yeah you heard me.  I walked into my office – used my security pass to get into the building – took my usual route down the escalators to the stairs that bring me right near my desk.  I went to use my badge to get out of the stairwell.

No dice.

I walked back upstairs and tried there.


Luckily I had my phone with me. I called* Patti who did not answer her phone.  I tried to think of who else to call.  I’m now sweating and panicking a little bit.  I mean eventually someone’s going to use the stairs right?  It’s a short cut for people on our floor.  Or do I call security?   Do I just start banging on the door and screaming? 

I took a deep breath and I then remembered that the lovely ladies who answer our phones sit right near the very stairwell.

So.  I called them.   And they let me in.

The end. :)

The whole thing lasted about 15 minutes but seriously – does this kind of thing happen to anyone else?   I think I have a special knack for this kind of predicament.

Tonight I am going for a yummy dinner at the place where Miranda told Big he shouldn’t get married in the first SATC movie.   I’m excited!!!  I’ve been there for an event but never for dinner.

Review to follow.  It’s time for me to get back to writing about food instead of eating so much my dresses don’t fit.

Until then….have a lovely.

PS: Speaking of (and indirectly speaking of Mr Big) something Jen and I noticed. Do any of you watch The Good Wife? They never say they call someone. They say "I phoned..." Is this a Chicago thing? I mean I know us New Yorkers say "I was on line" when we mean "I was standing in line" but this sounds so odd to me. Please advise.

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  1. I love the Good Wife, but I haven't picked up on that. Hmmm, I know we don't say that here, we say call someone. I'm not sure why I never noticed it.