Monday, January 10, 2011


I went to the cafeteria today and what to my wondering eyes should appear?

 January 142A hot pretzel and mustard.January 143 Apparently this happens every Monday and I have been kept in the dark.  No longer!!!!

I’m not sure this is actually a good thing.

So – what’s gone on since I was last here?  Let’s see.  I went to PA to Dave’s parents’ with him and the kids.  His mom made a delicious lunch/dinner. Linner?  Lunner? Supper maybe?

What is supper anyway?

Anyway there were lots of yummy food.  I didn’t take any pictures but it was very delicious.  Polenta and sausage and fettuccine and meatballs and salad.  I brought cupcakes and I had a small dish of mint chip ice cream.

But I am happy to say I also did 4 sets of the stairs and can still walk.  I’m loving my new calorie/heart rate monitor.  15 minutes of the stairs burns over 200 calories.  Not shabby.  Not shabby at all.

I hit a 3 year high right after I got home from Florida but the scale today made me happy.  I’m about 5 lbs down from then and feeling good.  I’ve not been too hungry nor have I deprived myself too much.  I’ve been moving almost every day.  Getting back on track is a very good thing for me – both mentally and physically.

This week’ll be pretty quiet.  Rumor has it we’re due for more snow tomorrow into Wednesday.  I’m planning on tossing a lot of clutter from my apartment tomorrow and scrubbing this place down.  My only major plans for the moment are dinner w/the girls on Thursday and a weekend in the city with Dave ending with Zumba and brunch with my mom and Jen on Sunday.

Tomorrow I will show you the concoction I made for dinner tonight.  It was kind of like fried rice, kinda like chili and all kinds of delicious.

I still have 6 cupcakes leftover from my baking extravaganza.   They are evil and they must be destroyed.

I emailed M today to tell her I’ll be back the first week of February.  I should be down a good amount by then – or at least back to where I was when I left off with her before the holidays.  I’m headed to Cancun next week and I’d like to be down a couple more pounds before then.  I’m planning on bringing some breakfast (read: sandwich thins and a jar of PB) with me as well as my sneakers in order to make it to the gym at least once while I’m away.

I remember in the midst of my big weight loss push the girls and I went to Miami for KZ’s birthday.  I ran or walked every single day before jumping in the pool. It wasn’t a big deal and I didn’t gain a pound after that vacation.   I’d love for that to be the case this time around as well.

When at home I used to work out in the mornings so I’d be done with it for the day.  The weather is working against me these days but my gym is right across the street.

And I have the stairs right here in the building. :)

All in all things are very good right now.  I’m actually kind of looking forward to the challenge. 

Sleep well.  See you in the AM.

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