Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sun and Snow

Man, it’s chillllllllly here.   The snow is not going to melt any time soon they say as the temperature is only just above freezing for the next few days

Gotta tell you - I’m in a bit of a funk.   I can’t explain why exactly (except the first holiday without my dad/losing my doggie thing).  I was so tired of living out of a suitcase I haven’t been to NJ since Monday.  I have barely left my apartment since then.

This is why I can not work from home exclusively.  I totally become a recluse.

I dragged myself out to the gym yesterday – watched Top Chef while incline walking.    It always makes me want to cook.  As a result I have bread dough rising in the kitchen.  

I really need to mop that floor.  It’s now not even an option to wait.

I am all over the place today – forgive me.

I still have the minimal Christmas decorations up and packing them away is on my agenda this morning.  I’m going to work a webcast from home (it starts in about 20 min) and then head to the office to the studio for the rest of the afternoon.   I think it’s time I change out of pajamas, sweats and/or gym clothes.

I’m meeting the girls for a drink this evening.  I’m hoping to walk to/from work and that’ll cover my exercise for the day.

I was Snacky McSnackerson all day yesterday.  I can’t explain exactly why (again other than the obvious) but I kept walking back and forth to my kitchen.

Living in a studio apartment is dangerous.  I can’t just go upstairs or into another room.  My kitchen is RIGHT THERE all the time.  

It’s a little bit of a problem.

I had some cheddar cheese, a hot pretzel, a handful or four of peanuts and ended with two TJ Mint Mini Mouthfuls for dessert.

Last night – after the gym I threw together a semi homemade feast. 

Not semi homemade like a Kwanzaa cake.

I mean – I have no words for that thing but I can tell you from personal experience that Sandra Lee is a perfectly lovely person who has had a tough road to Angel Food Cake/Apple Pie Filling stardom.  Jen and I met her at the NYC Wine and Food Festival 2 years ago and she could not have been more gracious.

Anyway this has nothing to do with my dinner last night which was TJ’s Asparagus Risotto + 4 shrimp + tomatoes, basil and garlic and a little parmesan cheese.

January 201

That’s the closest you’ll ever see me get to eating something that looks like oatmeal.   I’m on a rice kick lately.   I still have at least 1 possibly 2 servings of my Mexican Rice thing to take to work for lunch.  I ate it for lunch yesterday too.

I don’t have much else to say today as I said I feel really blah.    Hopefully getting out in the sunshine and amongst other people will improve my mood.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend.   My tentative schedule is as follows:

Friday – with Dave either in NYC or in NJ where we will go to karaoke and I can finally prove to him I can actually sing as he doesn’t quite believe me even though when we first met I invited him to hear me perform at Carnegie Hall.

Sheesh.  I mean do I need to perform in Madison Square Garden before he gets it?? :)

Saturday – Zumba, Museums and/or movies in the big city.

Sunday – Brunch with Mom, Jen and Dave.

And with that – I’m off.   Have a great day.


  1. Hi! I noticed on your comment on a blog that you're Krissy with a K. So am I! I never see that so I thought I'd say hi from VA!

  2. Hi Krissy! You're right! I rarely see anyone spell our name that way. I took a look at your blog - the pictures are goregous and the food looks delicious! Thanks so much for saying hi!