Monday, July 12, 2010

Food - Friends - Fun (in other words: Shelter Island - Day 2&3)

Lots of things going on here. Drinks at the beach, a night of dancing over in Greenport at Claudio's (where we were the only group of women not part of a Bachelorette Party), two of the cutest kids at the beach and food.

Lots of it.

This is a bit of a mish mosh but you'll get the idea. :)

Sat and Sun, cocktails and some of the best people watching EVER.

Happy Hour at the house...

Dubliner Cheddar, grapes, Monterey Jack

Roasted garlic bruschetta w/fresh mozzarella

Gouda, Granny Smiths and plums.

and wine. :)

Maddie and Ellie's dinner.

Yesterday's breakfast al fresco.

Scrambled eggs and bacon...

Plain and blueberry pancakes.


Mixed Berries

Dinner Sunday...

Shrimp and black bean soup - with a bit of a kick. I shared this with Ellie who didn't mind the spice.

Mussels (nowhere near as good as the ones I had at Claudio's).

Plans for today are more of the beach. I'm taking an extra vacation day because I can't make myself leave!!!

Have a lovely Monday.


  1. Fruit and cheese together honestly makes me so, so happy. Picture of fruit and cheese together does the trick as well.

  2. The one thing my family definitely knows how to do is eat. Happy Hour is my favorite part of family vacations.

    What does that say about me? LOL!