Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast

In that order.

Lunch yesterday before I ran to the office was some steamed chicken gyozas with sweet chili and soy sauce and some edamame.

I bought a hot pretzel at Zarro's at Grand Central and spilt half of it with Dave when we got off the train. No picture - too hungry!

Dinner was a hamburger with sauteed onions on a sandwich thin with some potatoes on the side.

Second dinner :) was a glass (or 3) of Pinot Grigio and the Lasagna Fritta at an Olive Garden.

This was not a good idea because now I'm going to be obsessed with this dish. It was really, really good.

His and Hers breakfast. Mine had butter his had peanut butter. I know. Should have been the other way around.

Also - unpictured - I had a glass of chocolate milk.

Telecommuting today, trivia tonight. I'm telling myself I'm going to go running as I am sitting here dressed for it and staring at my running shoes.

I'll be back with more later.

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