Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Surf & Chirp, and Sno Cones

There's probably too much stuff here. I'm waiting way too long between posts and it's annoying me so I can only imagine how you feel. :)

The latest is that I am happy to report that my work misery from last week has morphed into a minor victory. I'm very much looking forward to being back on track. I really didn't have a plan for today but I walked home from work (2ish miles) and then went for about a 3.5 mile walk by the river and thought about things. I'm feeling kind of out of shape. The scale is inching up and not down. I haven't gained enough to make me really worried but I know I need to counterbalance my increased eating with moving around a little bit more.

And so, I shall.

Lots of good eats since Saturday. Let me show you.

Saturday I went to a reunion of sorts for Dave's family. The food was delicious, even if the brownies (made by me) almost beat the Grasshopper Pie (made by him). I also made tomato bruschetta.

My plate: Eggplant parm, asparagus, garlic knot, ziti, chicken, and yummy sausage and peppers. I also had another sausage on a roll around dinner time.

Dessert was a little fruit

and a sliver of each of these.

When we got home the kids ate s'mores made on the stove. I ate a few pieces of plain chocolate.

Sunday I made a pile of French Toast

With sausage, strawberries, syrup and cinnamon sugar.

For lunch we met Dave's sister and her family for lunch at Tabor Pizza.

We started with calamari and zucchini.

Dave and I split an antipasto salad (w/balsamic) and a personal margherita pizza.

Both were really yummy.

Sunday night I made some roasted chicken (with garlic and onion), roasted potatoes, roasted broccoli, tomato and mozzarella salad and some sauteed shrimp. Dave dubbed this dinner 'Surf and Chirp'. He was very proud of that name. Please let him know in the comments if you think he should quit his day job. ;)

Before (and after) dinner, my new boss Mora set up her Gourmet Sno-Cone shop. I believe my new title is cashier. I used to be a dishwasher so I guess that's a promotion. She also gave me her persmission to promote her store here. :)

She's not messing around. I think she has made more money with her sno-cones than I currently have in my wallet. I paid her $2 for my sno-cones and she paid me a nickel for working for her. Something's wrong with this situation I think!!!

Back in NYC I had cheddar and hummus for breakfast.

I made more bruschetta for class and tossed it with pasta for lunch.

For our last class we all brought in food. I tried Kale Chips (not going to convert me), corn salad, coconut bread (shaped like muffins and not that sweet coconut flavor - they tasted more like scones to me), a kumquat and my bruschetta (which was a hit if I do say so myself).

And that brings us to today - when I had Joe's O's for breakfast with chocolate milk.

Lunch was more bruschetta + pasta (with a little spinach mixed in) and dinner honestly was pretzels, hummus and a handful of nuts. I'm still full.

Whew. Another marathon post down. If for no other reason than for my own sanity in the next few days I'm really going to make an effort to be a better blogger and be a better healthy lifestyle-er.

Tomorrow's plans - laundry, going for a 2 mile run at the gym while it's washing, eggs for breakfast and chicken gyoza's for lunch.

Wish me luck.


  1. It's great that you're getting back to more activity. I'm trying to make sure to do my stomach exercises every day. I was doing great for a while and then I stopped.

    I've turned over a new leaf this week -- 2 out of 2 days so far.

  2. Dave can't quit his job because he needs to be able to afford to put a ring on it someday.

    But it was funny.

    Mora is adorable. And congrats on the promotion to cashier!! LOL.

  3. I'm trying!! I'm trying, Kev. And go you!!

    Angela - shush you!!!!

    She is adorable. And quite the entrepreneur. :)