Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Before 8:30 am I went to the gym, ran/walked 2 miles (walked 2/ran 3 min for 25 min) and spent an ungodly amount of money at CVS.

It was getting bad. I was out of a lot of essentials. Like I was 5 seconds away from having to steal toilet paper from work.

OK. Maybe I actually stole a roll last week from my parents house because I didn't want to stop at the store. Perhaps. :) The fact remains that it pains me to drop that much money but it was absolutely necessary. felt really good to be at the gym today. I can't wait to get my new running shoes, hopefully this weekend. And then at some point - either Thurs, Sat or Sun next week I AM GOING TO ZUMBA with Ben.

Seriously. The scale is a little bit mad at me. Not furious, but a little mad. There is no room to go up. I'm okay with standing still, down would be fantastic but up is not even an option.

Last night I grabbed the few things I have in the fridge/freezer and whipped this up.

I roasted some tomatoes at 400 for an hour with olive oil, S&P, crushed red pepper and garlic.

I roasted a chicken breast in onion, white wine, a little Ken's Lite Northern Italian Dressing and added a few pieces of frozen TJ's asparagus at the end. This is it after I cut it up. Not the prettiest picture.

I made some whole wheat pasta.

And tossed some of this on top.

The result was creamy and delicious. The goat cheese gave it a good tang and the sauce was just the wine + dressing from the chicken and olive oil from the tomatoes + the roasted garlic smushed up in there.

This morning it was an EM w/cheddar for breakfast.

Lunch is a lot of leftovers. A mix of last night's dinner and my risotto from the other night. It's too much for lunch really but I could not decide what I wanted.

And now I'm off for some more retail therapy. I have a Lord and Taylor coupon and I'm not afraid to use it. ;)

Happy Thursday one and all!

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  1. Looks yummy! Yay for new running shoes. I love new work-out gear.