Monday, June 29, 2009


When I was younger and in school I used to brown bag it most days. I was rarely a 'buy her lunch' kid.

I think it's mostly because I have always been very particular about the brands of foods I eat.

And I might be (slightly) dramatic.

(Some may argue with the 'slightly').

My family will tell you this about me. I can taste non-Boar's Head Bologna in an instant.

I once threw a fit because my brother tossed out a tuna sandwich when our lunches got mixed up one day.

It was back in 1984 and I'm still not over it.


Anyway last night my father made me a sandwich as he packed his own lunch. (I'd tell you what my father does for work now that he's retired but I don't want you to lose your appetite).

It's simple but I think it tastes better because I didn't have to make it.

Ham and Swiss on a multi-grain sandwich thin w/a little deli mustard

And a snack I packed myself:

Carrots and red bell pepper with Cedars Garlic Lovers hummus.

By the way, the tuna sandwich in question was on homemade bread. I saved his peanut butter and jelly to give to him when his lunch period came around but he threw mine out. Even the apple.

You can see why it still haunts me to this day can't you?

Remind me to tell you about the time my dad ate my hot dog.

That was in 1975. :)

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