Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mmmm. Peanut Butter

I love peanut butter. So much. I like it plain - sans jelly. It's a texture thing for me. I don't like Jell-O either. I find it to be too slimy.

Also - I'm really not such a fan of fruit. I like some - but it's something I have to choose to eat - I don't crave it.

More about that later. :)

So pretty much every morning I have peanut butter. Today I'm having it here at work on a light English muffin.

When I first started to see M - I told her I had switched to natural peanut butter.

She asked me if I liked it.

The truth is I like any type of peanut butter, but do I like natural more than Skippy?

No. I really don't.

Then she asked me why I was eating it.

This has been a major part of why seeing her seems to have worked for me. I don't like yogurt or hot cereal - I'm not a big fan of fruit. All of these things would have helped me lose weight.

I see recipes and pictures of these things and they look oh so appealing. And then I take a taste and I just. can't. do it.

I used to say the same thing about pickles and I'm now a pickle addict.

And running - and the other day I ran 2 miles.

So I know it's possible for me to turn it around. Someday. :)

But here's the thing. In the beginning - back then when I still had pounds and pounds to lose, if I was 'forced' (which isn't the right word exactly. No one ever 'forced' me to eat anything) to eat something I didn't exactly like I for sure would have given up long before now.

She was fine with me eating PB for breakfast. She wanted me to add some fruit or dairy to it and I really do try and do that.

Granted - natural peanut butter is much better for you. It most certainly has less sugar etc. But for the amount that I eat - which is basically a tablespoon a day the difference to me is negligible.

Skippy was my first love - but my new favorite has become Simply Jif.

This breakfast typically holds me till just before lunch, which I like to eat a little later (around 1 pm) so that the day goes faster. I usually have a snack at about 11-ish.

Today's snack will be this:

These are two of the four fruits I like.

OK. Maybe five.

I like strawberries (and sometimes raspberries), pineapples, bananas, apples, oranges (just the juice - not the fruit) and grapes.

Aaand that's pretty much it.

Today's snack would have included a banana but the ones I bought yesterday are green as Granny Smith apples. I have to wait a few days till they're nice and ripe.

Fruit appeals to me more in the summer though I do have to say. Icy cold grapes, strawberries and cream. Delicious. It's finally resembling summer here so I thought I'd have some today.

I know that the more I eat it - the more I'll enjoy it. It's what happened with me and salads.

Which I happen to have brought for lunch today.

Be back then!


  1. I love your discussion about natural PB vs Skippy and I completely agree. Eat what you love. It's much more satisfying and you can eat less of it.

  2. Thanks! You're exactly right. It's not that I hated it - but I did kind of hate keeping it in my fridge and having to stir it or leave it out on the counter to get it to spread. I'd tried a few different kinds even but I still didn't love it. If I ate a lot more of it than I do I'd reconsider but for now it works for me.