Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm very weird about certain foods.

I have issues with textures sometimes. For example: Jell-O? No. Pudding? Yes.

I am also brand loyal - sometimes maybe to a fault.

Heinz Ketchup is one of the things I rarely compromise on.

These are two others:

And with these two - basically if I don't know for sure it's Bumblebee Tuna and Hellmann's mayo then I won't eat it. And it's gotten worse - not better - as I've gotten older.

Now I'll only eat the type in the gold can.

I may eat green vegetables and condiments but it is true what they say.

Sometimes you can't escape becoming your mother.

This is also the extent of my ingredients when I eat canned tuna. No pickles or celery, no tomatoes or eggs or anything else. Just drain the can add mayo and stir.

That's the only way I eat it. Simple and plain.

Even my mother has celery in hers.

Come to think of it - this may stem back to that time my friend Roxanne's mom made me a sandwich with chunk light tuna and Miracle Whip.

Honestly, I'm still scarred.

Hmmm. It's becoming clearer that I might have many tuna related issues.

Bumblebee Prime Filet 1/2 a can, w/2 teaspoons of Hellmann's over baby romaine.

Yeah. I know. It's not too flavorful - I will fully admit - but it's why I also packed these snacks today:

I ate the almonds and cashews when I had my fruit earlier and the BBQ Pop Chips went with my tuna salad. I can't find these in my grocery store so I bought the Trader Joe's version. Duane Reade carries them - but I always forget when I'm shopping for food to stop by there too.

The BBQ is the best flavor I've found. Nice and spicy.

The pretzels are to stash away for a later date.

After lunch I gave myself a little treat...


I think those Dove people are trying to tell me something.

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