Saturday, June 27, 2009

To Be Continued...

Tonight, after watching a very active 2 year old for hours and singing Broadway tunes to a 4 year old to get her to sleep (My nieces are here. I introduced the older one to Tomorrow from Annie tonight) I finally had some dinner.

This is what my family lovingly refers to as "Chicken with the Sauce." The original version was made with fried chicken breasts. We've lightened it up a lot over they years.

(A quick note: My dad is a retired firefighter with French culinary training. We eat well around here is what I'm saying.)

It's basically chicken in a sort of marinara sauce. One day soon I promise to post the recipe because it's the perfect pasta dish if you want something on the lighter side. Tonight we used Barilla Plus pasta but it's also great over rice.

It's great on it's own but almost better (well healthy eating wise definitely better) when you add veggies to it. Most often I add frozen peas but went with broccoli tonight.

We used the Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers. Eh. I don't think I'd buy it. For one thing it was cut broccoli (I weeded out the best bits - I'm really more of a floret girl) and tasted a bit waterlogged. Plus fresh broccoli at my local market in the city is only $1.99 a bunch.

It's tough. I used to travel a lot more for work than I do currently. I used to buy frozen vegetables most often because everything went bad. Now that I've changed how I eat I find myself working to eat vegetables when I buy them fresh. I rarely have to throw something out which is great. But if you are going to buy frozen, Trader Joe's really does have the best selection around I think.

If only that stupid 14th Street store was like 5000x less annoying to shop in.

I once contemplated quitting my job and working in a Trader Joe's instead. True story.

Anyway...sorry. I'm rambling. Without further ado, here's dinner...

I had a glass of Pinot Grigio as well. This is Cavit - otherwise known as the house wine here at my parents. :)

And a piece of this for dessert.

This definitely did not disappoint.

Tomorrow I have my cousin's bridal shower. It's being held at a restaurant, so I'm not sure what my choices will be but hopefully there'll be something besides Chicken Francese.

We shall see.

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday! Have a great night!

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