Saturday, June 27, 2009

Long Island Lunch

I was planning to spend the day in the city but my sister came in to give me a ride out to Long Island. Now I'm at my parents for the rest of the weekend.

So, I had lunch with her today.

Here's what was on the menu.

For her:

Spinach, blueberry, strawberry, banana smoothie (mixed w/Trader Joe'e European Style yogurt)



I need to try one of these without the blueberries. I know they're good for me - but it's what makes me not a huge fan. The spinach is not even the problem. I'm going to try one with strawberry, pineapple and orange juice I think.

Plus a side of pita chips, honey wheat pretzels, string cheese, red peppers and hummus:

And for me, a half a whole wheat bagel with Cedar's Garlic Lovers Hummus (I can do an entire post on this stuff I love it that much) with cheddar and a Granny Smith apple on the side:

It really is amazing to think what I used to eat compared to now. That would have been a whole bagel for sure, with something other than hummus and surely the apple would have been a handful of chips.

Who am I kidding? Much more than a handful.

I won't pretend the taste is the same, but it I will say it makes me feel so much better eating this than that.

I think that's the whole point.

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