Friday, April 23, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

That's how I feel today - for no real reason. It's not like I had a bad day at work. The webcasts today went off shall we say hitchless?

So that was good.

But...blah. This gallbladder thing is for the birds. Even when I'm hungry food doesn't taste quite as good anymore. I'm so unaccustomed to not feeling well I don't know if I'm I don't know...making myself not feel well.

I got home and ate the crap out of this tub of hummus.

Then I made a little dinner. I baked a chicken breast with some white wine, lemon juice, lemon pepper and a bit of olive oil. I sliced some red bell pepper and onion and threw it in the dish too.

I baked a potato and roasted some asparagus as well. I cut everything in half because as good as it looked and smelled it just tasted...blah to me.

I also tried some new TJ BBQ Sauce after I realized that Sweet Baby Ray's got their name for being...well...sweet. I'm trying to limit my high fructose corn syrup to ketchup these days.

There are things I cannot control. My love for ketchup is definitely one of them.

Anyway - that's my day in a nutshell. I'm going to straighten a bit then get to bed early. The plan for tomorrow is Zumba but we'll see how I feel. I will exercise tomorrow morning though in some fashion. I am promising myself that.

Then I've got plans to walk in the garden with a guy who didn't forget me when I went on vacation in the afternoon.

I think I might have broken the second date curse.

Until tomorrow!


  1. Oh stuff your sorrys in a sack and when you are feeling down just think of what a wonderful sister you have been blessed with. Then blog about it, blog about it, blog about it.

  2. I do have a wonderful sister. Modest too.

    Stuff your sorrys in a sack ?!?!?!